17-year-old Accused of Iowa Slayings Pleads Not Guilty

The Associated Press reports that 17-year-old Michael Swanson from St. Louis Park who was charged with killing two convenience store clerks faces a second arraignment later this month. Swanson is charged with first-degree murder and first-degree robbery in two counties in northern Iowa. The shooting took place on Nov. 15.

The Star Tribune reports that Swanson is accused of stealing his mother's Jeep, along with a gun from the families cabin in northern Minnesota. Charges claim that Swanson walked into a convenience store in Algona, Iowa, and shot the clerk, Vicky Bowman-Hall, 47. Swanson was wearing a mask and proceeded to rob the store. Police say that less than an hour later Swanson robbed a convenience store in Humboldt and also killed 61-year-old Sheila Myers, the clerk.

The Star Tribune reports that Swanson pleaded not guilty to both the charges of first-degree murder and first-degree robbery in Kossuth County on Thursday. Because of Swanson's plea, his Dec. 20 arraignment will most likely be rescheduled. Swanson has not entered his pleas for the same charged in Humboldt County. His arraignment in Humboldt County is scheduled for Dec. 28. Swanson's attorney has not commented on the pleas.

The Associated Press reports that Swanson will be tried as an adult in both cases. He is currently in the Kossuth County Jail on a $1 million bond.

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