Helicopter Pilot Gets 15 Years for Serial Sexual Abuse

The Star Tribune reports that Jeffrey Iverson Jr., a helicopter pilot from Cambridge, has been charged with a 15 year sentence.

Fox News reports that Iverson was accused of raping three boys from the ages of 13- 16 in late July. In a Dec. 17th article, the Star Tribune reports that Iverson raped four boys, and also dated or knew the mothers of the boys. Fox News reports that Iverson was accused of assalting a 10-year-old boy while giving him helicopter rides.

The Star Tribune reports that the first victim stepped forward in March, and eventually Iverson was charged with sexually abusing four boys.

Fox News reports that the mother of the second victim went to police after she heard about the first victim. According to the criminal complaint, the victim said sexual acts happened everytime he was with Iverson, which was over 100 times. The victim's mother stated that she had met Iverson six years ago and dated him for one year. She said that Iverson continued to spend time with her son, even after their relationship ended.

The Star Tribune reports that on Friday Iverson was charged with 15 years for sexual assault. One of the victims testified against Iverson, stating that Iverson had taken away his teenage years. "You could be the one to save a future child's life from being like mine," the victim told the judge.

The Star Tribune reports that Iverson's attornery, Joseph Tamburino, argued that Iverson should only receive 12 years, because he agreed to the plea. Tamburino also revealed that Iverson was sexually abused by an uncle as a child.

The Star Tribune reports that when asked to speak in the trial Iverson said, "Words can't express how sorry I am to the communities and the families. I'm terribly sorry for what I did."

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