Twin Cities Gang Unit Officers Mishandling Evidence

The Pioneer Press reports that there has been speculation that the Metro Gang Strike Force officers have been mishandling evidence as far back as 2002. The Minneapolis police officials made no attempt to handle the problem.

The Pioneer Press reports that because these problems were disregarded and not disciplined by police they led to the unit's downfall in scandal. The Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner Michael Campion disbanded the unit last year. The Metro Gang Strike Force was cited for improprieties that included abuses of suspects' rights and improper seizure of evidence.

The Pioneer Press reports that documents from the case show that department officials were told that Metro Gang Strike Force officers were "committing perjury" and that "violations of due process (are) going on every day" within the unit.

Even with these allegations with documented proof, the Pioneer Press reports that it is doubtful that any former member of the unit will be held to account. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in September that a special criminal inquiry wasn't enough evidence to bring charges against anyone.

The Pioneer Press reports that despite various complaints to the board from officers working within or collaboration with the Metro Gang Strike Force, no actions were taken to discipline the unit.

"The city knew about these problems and did nothing to correct them," said Patrick Burns, the officer's lawyer. "As a result, they have destroyed the careers of those officers who were sent there to do a job, and nobody has been held to account for all of this."

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