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Blog Prompt 1

I see the flow of energy in the city as the flow of traffic, at least in an artistic sense. I'm not just thinking of the flow of Automotive traffic but the flow of pedestrian traffic as well through the streets and buildings. If you were to view the paths created by this movement in the traditional down town city, it would be a seres of varying size squares. The Blocks of roads, the sidewalks running along the roads and around the buildings, the hallways within the buildings and so on. The bigger square paths of energy would be bright and heavily congested and the further in and smaller you got the less bright and congested the paths would get. Like how hallways in a sky scraper just have the occasional person walking down them, while the streets below have a constant flow of traffic. To put a verbal image to this imagine a square that is very bright on the outside edges that gradually dims as you progress toward the center.
Heres kind of a representation of how I think this "flow" would look except imagine that the color is vivid, bright, light colors on the outside of the squares and it fades to a dimmer darker color on the inside.

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This is what the flow of energy would look like in the city. This seems a bit out there to me, to say the least, but hey, I'm trying my best to think outside the box (no pun intended.)