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March 13, 2008

Not logged in!

I did some snooping around on the internets for presentation ideas and heres some of what I found:

From: http://www.microsoft.com/uk/images/office/powerpoint/powerpoint_large.gif

Of course, there's the ever popular power point presentation. Rather plain, but it gets the job done.

From: http://www.danaga.info/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/atariea.jpg

Doing a presentation as a website is always an option. While I might not have the time to do as elaborate a design as this Metal band's webpage, There are still all sorts of HTML and flash gadgets and methods one could learn and utilize if he so chose.

From: http://seanfitzgerald.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/hottopic1.jpg

From: http://seanfitzgerald.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/flickrsl.jpg

These two images show two chaps giving a presentation in the ever popular online based roll playing game Second Life. This for me seems more hilarious than practical. The thought of trendy, distinguished businesses persons with mini versions of them selves in Second Life giving a presentation on the next prototype or something just seems really funny to me. I suppose, however, that this could be a practical and even fun way to business conference over long distances for example. As cool as it would be though, I really don't see using this for any presentation of mine as the logistics and not to mention getting a computer capable of running the program without a considerable amount of lag would be too big an obstacle to overcome. Maybe as technology advances things like this will become more practical, but for now it's really more of an interesting concept.
Here's the link to the original site by the way:

From: http://www.tengutengutengu.com/img/Tengu-main.jpg

This image isn't really a presentation design thing per say. Apparently it's a USB sound reactive character named Tengu. You plug the thing into your computer and it interacts with you somehow. Anyway, I just thought it would be interesting to have this thing give a presentation. You'd have, say, a power point presentation projected on the wall and this little guy could sit on a cart with the computer underneath it and it would move it's little LED mouth and change it's LED facial expressions as some recorded voice audio played on the computer speakers. Cool!

March 6, 2008

Stuff and Me

This week’s prompt is about exploring how the built environment affect’s who I am. I could do this very easily by straight up ranting on about how it affects me using my own terms, but no, I have to use vocabulary from class. Well shit. Ok, ok Ozayr. I’ll do this, but due to my tentative understanding of the realms of frameworks, clockworks and phenomenon's, I am going to have to divide each up into it’s own separate category and explain how that affects me. Well here it goes.


From: http://www.3dmd.net/gallery/albums/textures/walls/brick/BrownBrickWall_tileable.jpg
As I understand it, Frameworks are the physical aspect of a things like a building for instance. In other words frameworks are objects. So if I understand this correctly an internal combustion engine and it’s parts are a framework, my home is a framework, this dorm I live in now is a framework. I guess even this entire school as a whole could be considered a framework in a physical sense.
I don’t think it is tough to see, then, how these physical objects can affect a person in their day to day life. Take my room for instance. It has 4 walls which enclose a space of fixed size. This then limits how much furniture can be in the room and where we can put it. Since there is so little room I can not put up a book shelf I bought for myself before I moved in this semester. This then means that I wasted $30 which means that that’s 30 fewer dollars I have to spend on things like dinner with friends. Ok, maybe that’s not the best example but I think you can at least get the feel for how a space can affect some one in any number of ways.


From: http://www.toolfactory.com/olympus_contest/images/spring%2007%20photo%20final/4418.jpg
Now clockworks are things that undergo change in a given period of time, and then return to their original state. I’d say it’s almost synonymous with a cycle like the changing of seasons or the cycle a piston makes in a motor.
Relating this to the built environment, what is something that affects me that is like a cycle? I’ll take the bus system here as an example. The busses are, quite literately objects that start in one relationship to the world (a bus stop), go through a shift (proceeding to another bus stop), and then return to their original relationship in the end (completing the route and returning to the first bus stop again). This affects me because I take the bus from my residence hall to class, and back again. If it weren't for the busses, I wouldn’t get to class or I would have to find another way. If a bus is running late, I will then be late to class simple as that.


From: http://sightsonics.cf.huffingtonpost.com/nuclear-explosion.jpg
This is for me the trickiest of the three do define, but I believe phenomena are systems that are supported by frameworks and clockworks. This could be like the running of a combustion engine. The framework of the motor and it’s parts combined with the various clockworks such as the up and down motion of the pistons make up the phenomena of the motor producing power.
Lets get back to how this affects me though. Sticking to the University as an example, I could say that my average day here on campus is a phenomenon. It’s a complex system made up of frameworks (buildings, roads, sidewalks and so on) and clockworks (the busses, my class periods and so on). Every one of these parts of the phenomenon of my day has the power to affect me. The way the buildings are laid out affect my route to my class for instance, or the cycle of a traffic light can delay my schedule.

Now I suppose this view of clockworks, frameworks and phenomenon could have been scaled down, or even up. The bus system could be thought as a phenomenon and the systems on the bus like the engine could have been thought as a clockwork and the parts of the bus could be a framework. This is like my example of the internal combustion engine as a smaller scale phenomenon.
This vagueness, to me is confusing yes but beyond that I really see no reason to view the built environment, or any environment for that matter, in this manor. Is this supposed to get us thinking in a way that will make us better designers? I know that stuff i made up things which sometimes move, and that bigger multifaceted things are often made up of allot of stuff some of which moves. This, to me, is not going to help me design a building. But that’s just my opinion.