May 1, 2008

Service Day 6

Today I put up some more posters around the building on my own this time as I've started to get a hang of the layout of the place. After that I worked a bit on a data entry project, entering names and phone numbers of some of Ann's contacts into Excel.

Service Day 5

Today I mainly sorted a huge pile of scholarship forms into alphabetical order. This took mostly the whole time. I kept seeing things that I wish I had looked into when I was in high school, but most of them were summer programs so I probably would have been too lazy to pursue them then.

Service Day 4

Today I went over some attendance sheets checking off names of people who had attended an information session so that they could be excused from class. I also went around the school with another volunteer from south high and put up some informational posters.

February 27, 2008

Service day three

Did some more filing and photocopying of scholarships today. Some students were supposed to come in for a guest speaker but no one showed up. The speaker took it very well I thought, considering she had taken the odd hour and a half out of her day to come down to the school. I guess thats how it goes with High school students though.

Service day two

Today I learned where some more things were in the office. I also went through some scholarships to organize and file them. The trip to the school on light rail is actually kind of fun.

February 14, 2008

Day one.

Today was my first day of voulnteer work at South high school. I didn't really do any work, they just went over procedures and how to use the career data base they had access to in the center. I am a bit anxious about actually helping students. I don't know that what I know will really be of that much use to them but I can at least try.