Between a Rock and a Hard Place for 127 Hours

Aron Ralston's story is a great one - great enough that it has recently been made into a movie worthy of six Oscar nominations. "127 Hours," starring James Franco, tells the story of Ralston, who in an act of desperation, was forced to cut off his own arm.

Ralston was negotiating a ten-foot drop between two ledges when an 800-pound boulder shifted above him. He snapped his left hand out of its path in time, but his right hand was smashed between the rock and the sandstone wall, according to Outside Magazine Online. He was stuck for 5 days before he finally broke the two bones in his arm and cut away his hand.

The story touched so many that Danny Boyle, the director, decided to make it into a film. "I read his book, in 2006, so I had a very strong reaction ... in terms of the way I wanted to make it--you don't often get that, but I knew that I wanted to make it a very immersive, first-person experience ... because I think it's so extraordinary what happens at the end of the film," said Boyle in a "Vanity Fair" interview.

Ralston agreed that the end was the most important time. "My experience of watching the film for the very first time was incredibly intense, I was in an audience in a theatre watching it and I was crying from about twenty minutes into the film all the way through to the end. And not because of a pain that I felt, but because in a lot of ways it reminds me so effectively of what was so important that I got out of that canyon for," Ralston said, in an interview for the website "Flicks and Bits".

While the story made a huge impact on the nation, the impact stays with Ralston also. Ralston has reevaluated his life after surviving such an ordeal. We wondered was he "doing what I really needed to be doing with this story and with me having been given this glorious second chance had I actually learned anything? It started to recalibrate me around that time," he said.

Now with even more light shed on his story, has his life changed even more? He is no longer focused solely on hiking. Ralston claims, "With my life today the big adventure is as anyone who's a parent can attest to, the biggest adventure in life is being a parent."

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