Local Retired Major General Dies

Maj. Gen. Raymond Charles Bonnabeau was a physician who dedicated much of his career to caring for military veterans, according to The Star Tribune.

This was not all he did, though. He was also a husband, father, grandfather, Franciscan, explorer, actor, photographer, disc jockey, and friend, according to The Pioneer Press.

Bonnabeau died February 26, at the age of 77, from cancer, according the The Star Tribune.

He earned his doctorate in surgery from the University of Minnesota, went on to do medical work, and served nearly 30 years in the military, according to The Star Tribune.

Among these accomplishments, Bonnabeau had a mountain in Antarctica named after him. In 1960 he traveled as a physician for the University of Minnesota Geological Expedition and discovered the Jones Mountain Range. Bonnabeau Dome was named for him, according to the Star Tribune article.

After his retirement from the military and until his death he was a physician at the Minneapolis VA Hospital and loved the veterans, saying it was a privilege to serve them, according to the Pioneer Press.

"He respected the vets tremendously," said Raymond, Bonnabeau's son. "He treated the vets with the respect they needed and deserved. Being a doctor was a vocation for him. It wasn't just punching the clock."

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