Thank God It's Friday

Rebecca Black, 13, has become an internet sensation for her song, "Friday".

The song and video were part of a package deal purchased by Black's mother for $2,000 from Ark Music Factory, a Los Angeles record label that provides prewritten songs and professional production work to aspiring musicians, according to an article from The Boston Herald.

"(The song) is about having fun with your friends and being a teenager. I thought it was different because it's not indecent," Black said on The Tonight Show.

The song became extremely popular on YouTube and iTunes. The video has more than 34.5 million views on YouTube and has hit as high as No. 19 on iTunes, according to The Boston Herald.

"Friday" has sparked many negative comments towards Black. She initially cried at the comments, but now finds the popularity funny, Black said during her "Tonight Show" interview.

According to her profile on Ark Music Factory's website, Black has been in many school musical and theatrical productions. Besides singing, her other passions are modeling and dance.

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