4 Students Hurt in Dinkytown Hit and Run

A driver hit 4 students early Friday night while driving the wrong way down a residential street in Dinkytown on the University of Minnesota's campus, according to the Pioneer Press.

At about 2 a.m., Joe Bailin, his girlfriend Katelynn Hanson and their friend Sarah Bagley were walking home after a few celebratory drinks when they saw headlights heading towards them and seconds later were slammed to the ground by the car, said an article from the Minnesota Daily.

The car then continued on and hit Benjamin Van Handel, knocking him into a telephone pole as he was walking home alone, according to Susan Hanson, Katelynn's mother.

While all four students suffered injuries, Van Handel's was the worst. He was diagnosed with severe brain trauma, and he is currently in a coma, according to his CaringBridge website. He is currently in critical condition according to the Minnesota Daily article.

Other injuring inlcude bruised legs and soreness for Hanson, and Bagley had chipped her tooth, cut her face on her glasses and needed knee surgery, according to Susan Hanson.

Police were searching for a white Toyota Camry or Solara, built in the last decade, with front-end damage, said the Pioneer Press.

"It's surreal ... until this happened it was an ordinary night," Bailin said.

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