Bullying Tied to Family Violence

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Bullying and being bullying, is now being linked to violence at home, according to a recent report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The researchers found that among middle and high school students across the state of Massachusetts, encounters of family violence were more common among young people who had booth taken part in bullying and been victims of it, according to Medical News Today.

While the new study provides a snapshot of bullying in Massachusetts, the findings are likely applicable to other states, said Web MD.

The information was gathered and analyzed from the Massachusetts Youth Health Survey and an anonymous, paper and pencil survey carried out every 24 months, Medical News Today said.

The average number of middle school students being physically hurt by a member of the family were, 2.9 student for victims, 4.4 students for bullies, and 5 students for bully victims, Medical News Today reported.

"Bullying is extremely prevalent and it is a public health problem because of its prevalence. And it doesn't happen in isolation," said Marci Hertz, a health scientist at the CDC in Atlanta.

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