CD Developer Dies

Norio Ohga died Saturday of multiple organ failure at the age of 81. He was an opera singer, formally worked for the Sony Corporation and he helped develop the compact disc, according to CNN.

He was the company president and chairman from 1982 to 1995, said the Associated Press, who was a flamboyant music connoisseur who steered his work through his love of music.

Due to his musical background Ohga insisted the CD be designed to hold 75 minutes worth of music, or enough room to store Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in its entirety, according to the Associated Press.

Ohga is also credited with launching Sony's game business and was head of Sony when it bought Columbia Pictures in 1989, CNN said.

It is no exaggeration to attribute Sony's evolution beyond audio and video products into music, movies and games, and subsequent transformation into a global entertainment leader to Ohga-san's foresight and vision," said Howard Stringer, Sony Chief Executive.

Ohga was a senior adviser to Sony at the time of his death.

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