First Marathon Is A Memorable One

A British man ran and completed the London marathon, Sunday and decided to just keep running all the way home, according to an NBCSports article.

Sam Robson, 28, completed the London marathon in 3 hours and 45 minutes, and then continued on for 24 more hours as he ran the 99 miles home to St. Ives, in central England, a Fox Sports article said.

Total, Robson ran 125 miles in 29 hours. Robson's fiancee, Jen Sykes, 28, said that she was "kind of amazed that he made it," adding that "Sam has never wanted to do things by the half," according to Fox Sports.

This was Robson's first marathon. "I would do something like this again, and the fact this was my first marathon was something that has really spurred me on," he said.

Robson, who was diagnosed with epilepsy as a teenager, used his run to raise money for the UK Epilepsy Society. He ended up raising around $5,315, the NBCSports article said.

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