Michelle Obama has Plane Troubles

A plane carrying Michelle Obama flew too close to a nearby military cargo jet on Monday forcing it to abort its landing, according to the Associated Press.

After realizing the mistake, controllers immediately ordered the pilot to execute a series of turns to increase its distance from the cargo plane. When the distance continued to narrow, the controllers directed the pilot to abort the landing and circle the airport until the cargo jet cleared the runway, said the Associated Press.

The plane, carrying Obama and the vice president's wife, Jill Biden, who were were returning from making several appearances in New York, eventually landed safely at Joint Base Andrews, officials said in an ABC News article.

The distance established is important because large planes generate wake turbulence, the equivalent of two miniature tornadoes streaming off the plane. The rough air dangerously disrupts the plane behind it, according to ABC news.

Both planes landed safety. The controller has been suspended pending an investigation, said the Associated Press.

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