String Theory Music Festival

Owen Pallett took the stage Friday night surprising audiences by walking towards his piano instead of his violin. When it came time for the encore he picked up his violin, which had been resting on his keyboard throughout the show, and knocked it to the ground and breaking its neck. He gasped and a look of mournfulness appeared on Pallett's face.

The stage was at St. Paul's History Theatre and the event was the String Theory Music Festival which took place at five Twin Cities venues from April 14-17 and showcased the work of national and regional composers and musicians, according to the Southern Theater website.

The four day event included six public concerts, a youth recital, workshops, and master classes and was designed to engage music novices and aficionados alike, said the Minnesota Mist website.

Pallett is a Toronto violinist and songwriter known for building sweeping soundscapes all with some foot pedals, an electric keyboard and violin, according to a Star Tribune article.

Pallett, along with many other artists, were part of the festival that shined a celebratory spotlight on the role of bowed-string instruments, said the Star Tribune.

"This is an opportunity for classical and non-classical music lovers to converge, listen, and learn," said Kate Nordstrum, Southern music curator. "My hope is that attendees will take a chance on music that is new to them."

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