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First Marathon Is A Memorable One

A British man ran and completed the London marathon, Sunday and decided to just keep running all the way home, according to an NBCSports article.

Sam Robson, 28, completed the London marathon in 3 hours and 45 minutes, and then continued on for 24 more hours as he ran the 99 miles home to St. Ives, in central England, a Fox Sports article said.

Total, Robson ran 125 miles in 29 hours. Robson's fiancee, Jen Sykes, 28, said that she was "kind of amazed that he made it," adding that "Sam has never wanted to do things by the half," according to Fox Sports.

This was Robson's first marathon. "I would do something like this again, and the fact this was my first marathon was something that has really spurred me on," he said.

Robson, who was diagnosed with epilepsy as a teenager, used his run to raise money for the UK Epilepsy Society. He ended up raising around $5,315, the NBCSports article said.

CD Developer Dies

Norio Ohga died Saturday of multiple organ failure at the age of 81. He was an opera singer, formally worked for the Sony Corporation and he helped develop the compact disc, according to CNN.

He was the company president and chairman from 1982 to 1995, said the Associated Press, who was a flamboyant music connoisseur who steered his work through his love of music.

Due to his musical background Ohga insisted the CD be designed to hold 75 minutes worth of music, or enough room to store Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in its entirety, according to the Associated Press.

Ohga is also credited with launching Sony's game business and was head of Sony when it bought Columbia Pictures in 1989, CNN said.

It is no exaggeration to attribute Sony's evolution beyond audio and video products into music, movies and games, and subsequent transformation into a global entertainment leader to Ohga-san's foresight and vision," said Howard Stringer, Sony Chief Executive.

Ohga was a senior adviser to Sony at the time of his death.

Girl Fasts Her Way to Royal Wedding

Estibalis Chavez, 19, was lent the money to fly to London for the royal wedding after a 16-day long hunger fast, according to the BBC News.

Chavez camped out in front of the British Embassy in Mexico City in February against the scorn of onlookers, said a MSN website.

"At the time I didn't see it as something so drastic and dramatic," Chavez told BBC. "[People] said I risked my health for something many believe to be frivolous and silly. But, I think that for me, it was the only way to achieve my goal."

Octavio Fitch Lazo, a lobbyist, walked past Chavez during her fast and decided to lend her $1,250 for the flight, said a Global Post article.

The teenager's mother died during her birth, and all Chavez has known about her mother is how much she loved Princess Diana, according to the Global Post article.

"I've been a fan of Lady Di since I was little and my mother's a fan as well," said Chavez. "And I promised myself I would go to a royal wedding."

Hailstorms Kill in China

18 people were killed and 155 were injured in south China on Monday after hailstorms and strong winds hit the region, according to an article from a Chinese news webiste.

Winds were strong as 164 km per hour, and were accompanied by hail and lashing rain. They hit the cities of Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing and Dongguan on Sunday, said the same webiste.

The storms have affected over 3,200 people so far and have forced 380 of them to evacuate their homes, according to the Chinese website.

Most of the victims were killed when the strong winds brought down walls and other structures but falling debris also claimed several lives, said the webiste.

The storm dumped more than 2.2 inches of rain on the region, according to the Channel News Asia website. The area is also an important export manufacturing location in China.

The Henan Province Meteorological Station said it had issued a severe weather warning, but it had failed to reach the public in time, according to the BBC News.

The Guangdong provincial government has sent a team to the disaster-affected areas to direct relief work, the report said.

Tsunami/Earthquake Affect Japan

Japan was hit with the 5th biggest earthquake the world as yet seen this past Friday.

According to an article from the Associated Press, it was the fifth-strongest quake in the world since 1900 and the most powerful on record ever to hit Japan, but not the deadliest.

The earthquake, that measured at a magnitude of 8.9, has left more than 10,000 people dead, many thousands homeless and millions without water, power, heat or transportation, according to an article from the New York Times.

Japan prepared heavily for an event such as this. The country has an earthquake warning system that feels the type of waves produced by faults and alerts the people about 15 seconds before they actually feel shaking. This also allows alerts to be broadcast on television allowing people to prepare themselves, according to the Associated Press article.

Though this system helps, death tolls are still rising. Searches are starting on the rural communities. Some have death tolls of over half the community and some are completely washed away, a senior police official told the New York Times.

According the the New York Times, Japan's economy is also greatly affected by this natural disaster.

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