December 4, 2006

the good and bad sides of new technologies

after checking out Bridget's blog on the thought of a small town being enlarged and more technologically advanced as being a bad thing, i had thought that i didnt understand her thinking. grant it i do respect her love of a small community of people that know and love eachother, but im also from a small town and i found it rather repulsive. i found all the new advancements in the town to be exciting and definately a great thing. due to the fact that there aren't any new age things to see or due, as in there were not buildings that were recently built within the last 20yrs. this i find to be completely uninteresting without culture, a feel of movement towards the future.

as i saw this assignment bridget is Zukin, while my thinking is more like Kahn's. this i feel will be an ongoing debate between ppl in the world. it will forever be debated because there will be the mental style and personal opinion of enjoying change. i think however that the people who feel that change is a bad thing will forever be disappointed because technology will be forever be moving forward. this is part of the reasoning that i think its a good thing, because of the fact that if you fight technology you will forever be losing over and over again.

November 27, 2006


Technopolies, as I see them, are when a person or object has a new way of functioning that coancels out pas technologies and almost forcing people/other objects to use and support the new technology created.

In the human realm I think technopolies, as they have been dubbed, are quite common and happen frequently. Through every new addition to the computer and internet, for example, makes many past technological equipment or ideas completely obscelete. With these new technologies there is always a person or group of people who have the rights to these objects/ideas creating a controller of the technopoly. This also give a large amount of power to the person who owns the rights to these technologies because they have the ability to change the way the world functions with the object, or how the object functions with the world, which in turn changes the way the world uses past objects.

In nature I think that there are still technopolies. The changing of the climates naturally throughout the existance of Earth forces the organisms on our planet to evolve to use the new atmosphere and minerals and such provided by the new climate. While this doesn't have a controller of the technopoly, there are still changes that make the organisms change their functions, making their past functions obscelete in the new climates.

While I understand the concept of a technopoly enough to give my thoughts of what they would be, I do not feel that they are relevant. I understand that things are being replaced by new "better" things, but there is also the factor of whether this new technology is worth using or changing the old ways that are common to us. Through my years of seeing all the new electronics that have been invented I found myself seeing what I already have and thinjking that it's not worth it to change my current functions just to have the newer "better" version or device.

So I guess this means that it's not the natural technopolies that I don't agree with, but it's the human created technopolies that I find to be unbelievable. This may be becuase of an ignorance I have of the changing technologies in the world, but this is how I have experienced the changes in my lifetime in the technologies, which makes me see that some are true while others arent, for there will always be another object that will suffice and will succeed over the "better" one due to the fact that its more practical and more reasonable to stick with the old and not switch to the new.

November 5, 2006

Picture Series


This picture to me I feel reflects the connection of math and design because the use of the bar code I feel represents the newly designed technologies of the present and the future. Without the thought of "buying" that the barcode shows i feel that the design world seems almost impossible to be a reality, because the thought of anything being created without the pursuit or use of money seems an impossibility in todays world.


This picture seems to me like that the numbers are the light of the future that is to be yet created.


This picture seems to me as self explanatory in the connection of the math world and the design world due to the use of computers in design.


The use of the horizontal planes of geometric figures to create the form shows the use of math in the form of geometry i the design feild because without the geometric figures in the piece it wouldnt be able to be created just like in the design field without the use of geometry it would not be able to be in existance (physically).

October 24, 2006

Cold = Sick

Well after I found that i had strept throat today i thought about the situation and realized that this is a major opposition in the winter months (getting sick in general). i find the cold to equal sickness in the past few weeks, after being sick with a cold and then this. but i also know that there are resolutions to the problem, while some seem to be almost impractical, others are more easily understood and used. for instance a lot of the reason that most get sick is because we as college students tend to be running around outside going from class to class and dorm to dorm, in order to fix this we could find our way through to places using the Gopher Way, or simply stay in our dorms and use the bus all the time. but this seems to be an impossibility unless we were to redesign the gopher way to reach all places on campus that we would be going to. Also the bus systems do not always go near enough to our destinations, too often we are finding ourselves walking 2-3 blocks outside because there is no other means of getting to the buildings that we need to be in.

With the impossibility of staying indoors most of the day, a better resolution would be to eat healthy and/or take vitamins and such things to boost your immune system. this resolution seems the best way of fighting off sickness, but with so many variables in diet and income, the ability to eat perfectly healthy or buy the vitamins make it harder for a college student to keep up with this resolution.

Another resolution is to find a way of curing the illness after the symptoms have already begun, otherwise known as medication. this seems to be the most beneficial way of overcoming this opposition, as i have found multiple times in the past month or so.

October 9, 2006


Life in general i think can be seen in a form of a phenomena. the single life of one person can affect the whole makeup of the rest of the world. life depending on the person can be measured in minutes/hours/years/decades. all people have a continued schedule that can almost always be set by that they will be sleeping or awake in certain times of the day/night. the different systems in your body has relationships together. (ex. the circulatory system allows the energy produced from the digestive system to be used)

October 2, 2006

a single tree...

after seeing the drama unfolding in front of my face, and often at my face, i found myself heading for not a building not a beautiful scenic place, but a tree. as a young child before i moved in 5th grade i recall often finding myself alone in a tree, our tree, "the monkey tree" as we oddly named it. my sisters found it to be at a place of joy and play time, only seeing it as a piece of mangled, covered in grey bark that was good to play under. but i found it at times of sorrow, regret, and huge dramatics. i would climb as high as i could in this tree escaping the ground below me where all the drama began and still continues to churn. i would climb, look around and think about what had happened, which was often me doing something to make my father mad and to find myself concentrated on my pure confusion of why things never go well with him, and why he didnt like me. but i found comfort in the high branches of this tree. the tree had no great view, no amazing branches that glowed in the sunset, but it had a spirit, a spirit of joy that was conveyed to me by an odd calming that i felt with it. it was ordinary, not known to be an amazing creature, but just a tree amoungst all the other trees in the area. this drew me to it i believe because i became just like the others, forgotten bout when needed, but remembered when wanted.
we moved away from my original home, my only home since i was born when i was in 5th grade, and we had to leave my monkey tree. this meant many nights searching for my new monkey tree. i found myself climbing and climbing nothing only to find nothing without MY tree, THE tree. when i finally found my new tree, my new best friend, i later left her i guess searching for the larger tree in my life THE tree that has been missing. this tree was college my escape to feel like part of the crowd when i needed, and just me when wanted. im still climbing, ever climbing this tree until the day when i find an older, wiser, larger tree to climb when i graduate. but there will always be a need for the tree of my childhood somewhere in my life.

September 25, 2006

Social Design Issue

I think a HUGE issue in america today is the number of homeless people that are living on the streets of the United States. 3.5 million people in america today are homeless or have been homeless for an extended period of time. this is unacceptable for such an advanced country. the problem of homelessness can easily snowball into many other issues, with all the health issues with sleeping on the streets there is no room for more problems for these people. there is a huge need for more homeless shelters and clinics to help these people find a solution to their problem. when i say problem i mean the issue of finding a place to live, i dont want anyone thinking that im claiming that all people who are homeless have a larger issue in drugs and other things of that nature. while ther are services like the NAEH trying to end this problem, there are still millions of people who havent been reached that need to be. we need to take action in the prevention and the aiding of those who have already fell to this state. we need to have more programs to reach all of these people to help get them off the streets and into a home with a more formatted life where they can provide and support themselves.

September 17, 2006

Midtown Market

Energy as the dictionary defines it is the capacity for vigorous activity. But this doesn not always seem to work, becuase in some places there is an unexplainable energy that doesnt involve the movement of objects at all. I define energy as the ability to provoke thought/emotions. While the exterior of the market has very little to interest or envergy about it. The Midtown Market inside, has a huge amount of energy from the amount of people,but also with the added energy of not only the different shops but the things being sold in the shops. You can easily create energy by using an interesting style of organization of the shops, in a pattern in which your eyes continually move about to the different cultures and styles. The use of the flowing energy can bring people's eyes to a specific area of your wish and also you can use the energy of people's interest in a certain area to better another by directing the original flow of people to the area.

ps. this was for some reason not published til today when i saw it was unpublished....