Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan President, dies at age 58

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Venezuela is mourning the death of their president, Hugo Chavez, who passed away from cancer Tuesday, news sources reported.

Leading much of South America to independence and reaching for revolutionary changes, Chavez was re-elected three times and won the admiration among many in Venezuela. Throughout his 14 years in office, Chavez developed social programs such as new public housing, free health clinics, and educational programs, the Star Tribune reported.

Chavez was diagnosed with cancer in June 2011, but the government never revealed the exact type of cancer. During the election campaign in 2012, tests showed he was cancer-free, but two months later Chavez went to Cuba for yet another cancer-related surgery, the Star Tribune reported.

In Caracas, Venezuela flags flew at half mast and branches of the government and the military came together in remembrance of President Chavez Tuesday, CNN reported.

Venezuela's Vice President, Nicolas Madura, will hold presidency until the elections are held in 30 days, according to CNN.

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