Pope Francis faces difficulties from his past

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First Latin American pope, Pope Fancis, undergoes complications from the 'dark times' in his life, news sources reported.

In 1976, when dictators ruled Argentina and Francis was the nation's top Jesuit, the navy kidnapped priests Orlando Yorio and Francisco Jalics, reported CNN.

Pope Francis was accused of knowing about the serious human rights abuses but failed to do enough to halt them, reported The New York Times.

The allegations have against Francis have never been proved, reported CNN.

However, the sandal left hard feelings toward Pope Francis. The human rights group Center for Legal and Social Studies in Argentina opposes Francis' selection as pope, reported CNN.

Others admire Pope Francis' personality and are excited to see the changes he will bring to the Roman Catholic Church.

"I think the name Francis was a great choice," Maria Augusta Barbosa reported to The New York Times. "His speech and demeanor, even his tunic, was so humble. My favorite part was when he asked us to bless him, before he blessed us. It was one of the most emotional moments of my entire life."

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