Students hope to open grocery co-op on campus

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University of Minnesota students make plans to open a campus grocery cooperative, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Last week, a group of about 20 students, who call themselves the Food Coalition, began planning to approach the University of their idea, reported the Minnesota Daily.

The Food Coalition want to open a full-service grocery on campus within the next few years, reported the Minnesota Daily. The lack of quality produce and the trouble of getting to other grocery stores is the motivation behind this project.

A large grocery store on campus would save students time and alleviate the need to keep a car on campus, the group told the Minnesota Daily.

In order to keep costs down, the co-op would be aimed at and controlled by students, reported the Minnesota Daily.

In a letter to the Editor, Food Coalition member Joelle Stangler described how this plan "has the potential to truly be an all-campus project."

"The Carlson School of Management could provide management of the store as credits or part of a class," Stangler said in his letter. "Ideally, the store would be run by students, for students."

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