Analysis: Lawrence Fuchs' Obituary

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In The New York Times obituary, "Lawrence Fuch, Expert on Immigration, Dies at 86," the author uses a standard obituary lead by stating the person's name, something notable they accomplished in their life, followed by their date of death and age.

The author used multiple sources to complete this obituary. For instance, information about the cause of death was retrieved from Dr. Fuchs' daughter and a brief summary about his published books "The American Kaleidoscope: Race, Ethnicity and the Civic Culture" and "John F. Kennedy and American Catholicism" were also used in the obituary.

This obituary differs from a resume in many ways. The obituary tells information about Dr. Fuch's life in the 1970's, information that is often removed from a resume and replaced with more recent and relevant information. The obituary also discusses family, colleagues, and other important people who made a difference in Dr. Flush's life, also information that is left out of a resume.

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