Chinese authorities kill 20,000 birds as avian flu toll rises to 6 in China

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The death toll from a new strain of bird flu found in Shanghai, China has risen to six this week, reported news sources.

The Chinese government staged a cull of about 20,000 birds in a thriving poultry market to prevent a potential spread of the disease, reported The Huffington Post.

By Friday morning, authorities in Shanghai had already closed the Huhai agricultural market, where the H7N9 avian flu virus had been found in pigeons, state-run media outlet Xinhua reported, according to CNN.

The cull at the Shanghai poultry trading zone came at researchers in the United States said they had started work on developing a vaccine for H7N9, reported CNN.

The World Health Organization have said that they believe the new strain can not be transmitted from person to person but the WHO are actively monitoring 400 people who have been in direct contact with the 14 patients, reported The Huffington Post.

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