Why do so many people want cosmetic procedures?

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Cosmetic procedures including breast implants and Botox are becoming increasingly popular despite the lack of regulations, reported news sources.

Anti-wrinkle treatments are a "crisis waiting to happen" and should be available on a prescription-only basis, a wide-reaching report on the cosmetic surgery industry had said, reported The Telegraph.

It warned that dermal fillers, which are injected to plump up lips and skin, were "no more controlled than floor cleaners," reported The Telegraph.

The availability of non-surgical treatments had helped to normalize cosmetic procedures, fuelled by the celebrity culture, which pervades much of the media, reported BBC News.

The review from the cosmetic surgery industry, let by Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS medical director, called for a host of recommendations to become enshrined into law in order to regular the industry and protect patients undergoing cosmetic procedures from face lifts to laser hair removal, reported The Telegraph.

The cosmetic procedures industry is booming. It had undergone an estimated five-fold increase in turnover in a decade. At any period that would be astounding growth - the teeth of a recession it is all the more astonishing, reported BBC News.

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