Toys R Us appeal $20M award in Mass. slide death

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July 2006, Robin Aleo climbed to the top of a 6-foot inflatable pool slide and slid down head first,. As she neared the bottom, the slide partially collapsed and Aleo slammed her head on the concrete pool deak, causing fatal injuries, reported news sources.

Five years later, a jury awarded Aleo's family more than $20 million, finding that the slide sold by Toys R Us did not comply with federal safety standards for swimming pool slides, reported The Independent.

Toys R Us will go before the highest court in Massachusetts on Monday to ask that the award be overturned, reported The Spec.

Lawyers for Aleo's husband say pool slides have been subject to a federal safety standard since 1976. The standard applies to all pool slides, no matter what they are made of, said Benjamin Zimmermann, a Boston attorney who represents Michael Aleo, Robin's husband, reported The Independent.

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