Comment to Chinese One-Child Policy

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I am aware of this issue as I have a lot of friends that are from China. I always thought you are only allowed one extra child. You can have as many child as you want if you pay for them is actually really crazy just thinking about it. The whole point of this policy is to cut down the population of China, but i will it keep working if rich people are allowed to have as many child they want if they can afford it? Also, what happens if someone from the rural area got a twin? Will they have to pay regardless? After reading your blog, I am leaning more towards abolishing the One-Child policy. I feel like it is only going to stop the poor from having more kids while the rich can do whatever they want with their money. The population of China has been an issue, but I feel like there are other ways to control the population rather then this policy.

Cash for Kidneys

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I really enjoy reading this article, it got me thinking about organ trading the way I have never thought about before. I am not a stranger to illegal kidney trading, after reading on the article, I have sided with the author and firmly believe there are much more benefits then there are disadvantages.
The first argument the author is trying to get at is trying to address the issue at hand. In the recent year, a lot more people are on the wait list for kidneys then comparing to 10 years ago. This gets us thinking about the severity of this issue and make it seem like it is urgent therefore must be dealt with right away. If the author choose another way to start the article instead of numbers we might not feel as strongly about this problem.
Basically what the author is getting at is that the black market will always be there. There isn't really anything we can do to stop buying and selling organs illegally. Instead, why not make it legal for those who are really in need of the organ and desperate need of cash?
Making the organ market legal will also cut down the possibilities of failed surgery and increase the survival rate for both the donor and patient. If the process is legalized people won't feel the need to hide the whole process. Thus, better medical treatment for both sides, thorough medical exams to prevent infections, and possibly getting rid of the broker.
Also, the author is trying to say that comparing a kidney transplant to dialysis, a transplant is much more cheaper and much more effective. Therefore making a strong argument.
My question will be how is it possible that patients are spending up to $200,000 purchasing for a kidney while the donor is only getting a couple thousand dollars? Where does the majority of the money go to?

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