Capitol to determine legal time to abort

Republican legislatures in Minnesota are following fellow states as they are trying to outlaw abortions 20 weeks after fertilization.
Since gaining the majority of the state Senate and the House of Representatives the Republicans have reignited the abortion debate, the Minnesota Daily reported.
The proposed bill is based after a law taken on by Nebraska that bans abortions after 20 weeks because that is when developing fetuses can feel pain, or so supporters say, reported the Star Tribune. The Minnesota Daily reported that Minnesota law currently prohibits the abortion of a fetus that could survive outside the womb.
The bill does have room for exceptions to the 20 week mark, but only to women who would risk death or serious physical harm by carrying the pregnancy full term, as Sen. Warren Limmer and co-sponsor of the bill told the Star Tribune. However NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota pointed out to the Star Tribune that the bill makes no exception for women who are victims of rape or incest.
The bill has strong supporters and opponents including a man who has a strong say in the bill's future. The Star Tribune reported that Gov. Mark Dayton would veto any attempt to remove the Constitutional right to choose to abort in Minnesota and that there seems to be little hope of altering Dayton's view.

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