Earthquake and Tsunami devastate Japan

A 8.9 earthquake and following tsunami brought hundreds of deaths and devastating destruction to the northeastern coast of Japan Friday afternoon.
The New York Times reported that the earthquake is the strongest ever recorded in Japan that ended up destroying thousands of homes, making roads unusable and causing power to go down. The earthquake was so forceful that it caused as high as 30 feet waves on to the shore.
In the coastal cities that were hit many citizens are found stranded without shelter, food or water, but the Los Angeles Times reported that more than 500,000 citizens have been evacuated from the regions affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Since the initial earthquake there have been 40 aftershocks varying in magnitude and it is expected to have even more in the next few days reported the Los Angels Times.
Adding to the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami there is a growing fear that the two have done damage to the nuclear plants that may put to a risk to the people of being exposed to radiation reported the LA Times.
The government has done its best to send aid to the people by doubling the number of soldiers deployed in the aid effort to 100,000 and sent blankets, bottles of water, gasoline reported the Star Tribune.

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