First Woman on Major Party Bid Geraldine A. Ferraro Dies

Geraldine A. Ferraro, the first woman to be on a major party bid died Saturday morning at age 75 after a 12 year battle with blood cancer.
Ferraro was a surprise choice for Walter F. Mondale's vice president in 1984, but with the help of feminist support, political skills and Democratic strategy she gained national prominence reported the New York Times.
As a former congresswoman for Queens and criminal prosecutor Ferraro seemed to have a better feel for urban ward politics than for international diplomacy, but she proved to be a fast learner. According to the New York Times she traveled a 50,000 miles campaign, spoke in 85 cities and raised $6 million while also gaining around 55% of the women's vote.
The trailblazer for women in politics died at Massachusetts General Hospital where she had gone Monday for a procedure to relieve back pain caused by a fracture, which is common in people with her type of blood cancer reported USA Today.
Born in Newburgh, New York on August 26, 1935 to Italian immigrant Dominick Ferraro she worked hard in school and earned a scholarship to Marymount College. She graduated in 1956 and became a grade school teacher until she decided to apply to law school, which she graduated from in 1960 as one of two women in a class of 179 reported the New York Times.
Once she married John Zaccaro she dedicated the first 13 years to take care of her family before getting in local politics. According to the New York Times Ferraro won a seat in the House in 1978 where she worked on the Economic Equity Act and the Democratic platform committee which gained attention from Mondale and led to his offer of vice presidential bid in 1984.
Despite claiming that the only reason she became a vice presidential nominee was because she was a woman she still paved the way for woman to make a name for themselves in politics. Ferraro is survived by her husband, three children and eight grandchildren.

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