Latest Minnesota GOP proposal to cut local aid

The newest Minnesota House proposal would cut state funding for cities and counties, much of it coming from Minneapolis, St. Paul and their surrounding suburbs.
The GOP members of the House Property Tax and Local Sales Tax Division created the proposal, which would cut nearly $300 million from local government aid and promptly cut half of metro suburbs' state help and a quarter of big cities' aid from the state reported the Star Tribune.
The Pioneer Press reported that the Republicans have said that the cuts in local aid are needed to help close Minnesota's budget shortfall, but the plan's chance of succeeding are low since Gov. Mark Dayton has been a strong supporter of state aid to local governments. Mayors of both St. Paul and Minneapolis rejected the proposal as it would also cut $118.7 million from a program that gives low- and middle-income renters a tax refund to offset property taxes.
Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak called the proposal "a blatant attempt to divide communities from each other" reported the Pioneer Press.
Keith Hovis, a spokesman for St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, told the Pioneer Press that the cuts would affect core services residents have come to expect since local government aid supports law enforcement, firefighters and snow-plowing and other services.
With little support from mayors and the governor the proposal doesn't seem to have any luck in passing.

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