Legendary Actress Elizabeth Taylor Dies

Stage and screen star Elizabeth Taylor died Wednesday at the age of 79 in Los Angeles.
The Los Angeles Times reported that Taylor had been hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center six weeks earlier for congestive heart failure which unfortunately led to complications leading to her death said her publicist, Sally Morrison.
Taylor had led an almost 70 year long career and was a part of more than 50 films, two of which she won Academy Awards for reported the New York Times. She performed alongside many famous leading men at the time and for well known directors which only made her gain more popularity in the industry and across the country.
Although she was praised by her directors the critics were more reserved in their compliments, which could've been because of her overpowering beauty reported the New York Times. Taylor lacked in training, but still managed to have a large range of acting including heartbreakers and victims to her well known role as Cleopatra.
Taylor started out as a child star, but gained a reputation for being a femme fatale, which critics claim added to her on screen performances reported the LA Times. A passionate collector of jewelry and men Taylor lived to marry eight times.
Taylor was born in London on February 27, 1932, the second child of American parents, Francis Lenn Taylor, an art dealer from New York and Sara Viola Warmbrodt, more widely known as Sara Sothern the stage actress. She spent most of her childhood in London before moving back to the U.S with her family before World War II reported the NY Times.
Later in life she became a social activist and went on to establish the American Foundation for AIDS Research and helped raise money for it by using her fame to help others reported the NY Times. According the LA Times Taylor raised more than $270 million for AIDS prevention and care.
Despite her good looks and fame she did attract misfortune as she suffered more than 70 illnesses, injuries and accidents requiring hospitalization before she let it be known in 2004 that she had congestive heart failure which caused her death reported the LA Times. Taylor is survived by her two sons and two daughters, 10 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

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