Minnesota Identical Quadruplets Get Reality Show

A new reality TV show presents the Durst quadruplets from Buffalo, Minnesota as the four girls finish up high school.
The show on the Lifetime channel, "Four of a Kind", showcases 18 year olds Kendra, Calli, Sarah and Megan and how even with their identical red hair and freckles they are completely different from each other reported the Star Tribune.
The girls have spent most of their lives together including those spent in the spotlight. Even before they were born their mother Naomi Durst was constantly asked when they were going to be delivered as she beat the odds of one in 700,000 by having quadruplets without using fertility drugs reported the Star Tribune.
The show, which first episode aired March 15th, focuses on the girls' relationships with one another and their many conflicts and also the not yet determined future of the girls.
Upon seeing the show classmates were surprised to see how the girls are constantly fighting and how crude their behavior can be reported KARE 11 news.
According to KARE 11 the Lifetime film crew spent three months with the family, who agreed to the show after being told a considerable amount of their colleges would be paid for by participating.
Since the girls were little when they first appeared on high profile talk shows including "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno the show is planning on showing the girls realistically.

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