Wisconsin approves bill to limit the power of unions

The Wisconsin Assembly approved the bill to cut bargaining rights for most government workers Thursday.
The bill was approved with a vote 53-42 after three weeks of turmoil and protests much to the dismay of the Assembly's Democrats reported USA Today. Fourteen of the Democratic Senators even left the state to prevent the chamber from having enough legislators to take a vote however the Republicans sidestepped the Senate's requirement for a quorum to deal with measures that spend money, so the bill could pass with only a simple majority, even without the Democrats.
The New York Times reported that the bill alters many public-sector union rules, limiting bargaining to matters of wages and limiting raises to changes in the Consumer Price Index, while also ending the state's collection of union dues from paychecks.
The bill would end up saving Wisconsin $150 million a year by having state and local government employees contribute 10% of their pay to pension and health care benefits, which is currently informally accepted by unions reported USA Today.
The move by the Republicans has caused union leaders to plan a counterattack in the 2012 elections and the Democrats have already seen a great effect in the their efforts in the form of donations, a $800,000 in just five days reported the Star Tribune.

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