Coachella 2011

The 12th edition of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival brings optimism and shocking new editions as it begins April 15 in Indio, California.
Last year's fest had overcrowding issues, with a total of over 105,000 concert-goers, including gate-crashers and counterfeiters reported the LA Times. The amount of people attending the music fest also brings a huge amount of traffic, which is hoped to be alleviated by the use of shuttle services.
According the LA Times new security measures have been put in to make sure customers can't come in unless they are wearing a wristband, which is outfitted with a high-tech digital encryption that is scanned by a body-length scanner once they reach the gates.
New editions to the musical acts include an interactive lights sculpture in the background of the stages reported the Washington Post. The cube of lights is supposed to add to the performances and to the overall experience.
Many artists and groups have already planned for theatrical components during their sets and took advantage of this year's producers The Creators Project, an art initiative hoping to give the fest a tech boost reported the Washington Post.
Coachella uses the combination of music, art and now technology in order to step up their game reported the Washington Post.

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