Downtown L.A. livens up

A once neglected part of Los Angeles is coming alive with new restaurants, lofts, art center and more.
According to the Seattle Times the new revival is due to the new arts and entertainment venues and events attracting locals to the downtown area that used to be a prime spot in the early 1900s.
Previously abandoned office buildings and hotels have been turned into appealing lofts for the younger generation wanting to move away from L.A. suburbs reported the Seattle Times. City goers are also to reconnected to once popular sites with the help of Angels Flight, a funicular railway built in 1901.
Other places generating buzz are the introduction of pop-up bars, which according to the LA Times are clubs or bars that occupy a vacated space for six months and then close. Paul & Andre, a club at the end of an alley off Hollywood Boulevard, is this spring's example following in the steps of chef Ludo Lefebvre's pop-up restaurant LudoBites.
Although L.A. has one of the country's largest homeless populations, the addition of shops to give off a Manhattan feel help making walking around safer reported the Seattle Times.

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