Explosion Kills at Firework Facility in Hawaii

An explosion at a fireworks storage bunker in Hawaii killed at least five workers Friday.
The explosion occurred near the Waikele Business Center, a former military bunker and currently a warehouse for fireworks and killed three workers and left two missing reported USA Today.
Explosions continued to burn the bunker for many hours since the initial one, which prevented firefighters from entering the warehouse and searching for the missing workers reported the New York Times. Captain Terry Seelig of the Honolulu Fire Department claimed the risk was too high for the rescuers to enter the bunker, so the police sent robots inside to get a view said the NY Times.
It wasn't until Saturday that the bunker had cooled down enough for the bomb team to enter the warehouse and retrieve the two remaining workers said Honolulu Fire Department Capt. Gary Lum according to USA Today. The two workers had died inside.
According to USA Today the five workers that died and the one worker that suffered injuries were all employees of Donaldson Enterprises, an environmental services and unexploded ordnance disposal company.
The cause of the warehouse's explosion has yet to be determined reported USA Today.

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