Fake Pilots in India

Fake grades and manipulated logged flying hours are letting unprepared pilots fly planes full of passengers.
Aviation officials and others have been exposed by a government-ordered investigation to be forging grade sheets, fudging logbooks and accepting bribes. Unqualified pilots have been let in the cockpit because of the recurring scandal reported the Washington Post.
Parminder Kaur Gulati, an Indian pilot, brought the scandal into light when she landed an Airbus 320 passenger plane on its nose wheel at New Dehli in January reported the Washington Post.
E.K. Bharat Bhushan, India's director general of civil aviation, admitted that the grade sheets look very real and it's worrying that people had gotten away with it for so long reported the Washington Post. Bhushan assured flyers that only 29 out of their 8,000 certified pilots have lost their licenses.
According to Asia Times the fake pilots were employed in major domestic airlines, including national carrier Air India and private airlines Jet Airways.
India's airline industry boomed from 2009-2010 along with passenger traffic which led to many new flying schools opening up and many young adults in India seeking to become pilots reported the Washington Post. In order to graduate from the India aviation school students must log in a certain number of flying hours and take written tests, and the amount of both depends if the student is seeking to become a co-pilot or to command the aircraft according to the Washington Post.
A senior pilot working for Air India said the theoretical questions written by bureaucrats who have never touched the controls of aircrafts make up the written tests. These questions are why many students resort to faking their results according to the Washington Post.
Asia Times reported that fortunately India hasn't had any air crashes among the fake pilots.

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