October 7, 2005

How is what we are talking about in our class connecting to your life or to other classes?

We had talked about Lincoln school and some of the minneapolis public school which show how the location can impact on children's education. How can we know about that, our class check out the stats on school's grades, test scores, and different kinds of informations that you could compare all of the public school in all whole of the state of MN. It was very interesting to comparing the school that is out of twin cities and the school in twin cities. The school who is out of minneapolis or near to minneapolis usually to have higher score on test, grade, and few number of students with reduce lunch. While the minneapols public school have the lowest test scores, grades, and higher number of kids with reduce lunch. See how interesting it is comparing the minneapolis schools and outside of minneapolis schools.

at October 7, 2005 10:01 AM