October 14, 2005

How is what we are talking about in our class connecting to your life or to other classes?

The essay that we are working on right now have some relates to my life because the area where Lincoln school is. All of the things that we talked about in our class related to Lincoln that there are many awful things that is happening at there. I knew how it felt to be in that kinds of area/school because there are many shooting that is happening at there. There was one time when I was riding with my parent in the car. All suddenly, one man ran to a car and pointing at the car. My parent drove back and leave the place as quickly as possible. There was other time when I was walking with my friend, a africa american guy ran to him and stole his sidekick (cell phone). We was very unexpecting when this happened. I heard from the television that it says that Minneapolis is the most safest large-size city in USA. Obvious there is some of the other large-size cities in USA are worse than Minneapolis. Still, many things can happens to anybody no matter where you are. In Lincoln area, you need to be extra careful and watch out for yourself. It's interesting that we are talking about during the class, and I had some of the experience myself in those kind of area, i knew it is very horrible area to be at. All people need to do is to watch out for themselves when they are in those kind of area. Our class now have more knowedgle on what kinds of thing that is happening in Lincoln.

at October 14, 2005 3:40 PM