September 29, 2005

BST Test Between Lincoln El. School and State of Minnesota

The fact of BST scores compare between Lincoln and State of Minnesota Schools shows that Lincoln have avg. 590 and the state of Minnesota have avg. of 644.44. That shows that Lincoln school have pretty low score for a BST test, and you need 600 for you BST score to pass the test. I think it's important that a school should have a higher avg. score on BST so it shows that the students will be ready for high school. If they don't do well on the BST test, then they might will have hard time in high school. That school should have a better score on the BST so the students can be prepare and belong easily in high school.

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September 22, 2005

The Things We Carry Vs. Mean Girls: A Real Case Study

I liked the things we carry better than Mean Girls because it have smoother transition than the mean girls. It helped me understand the story better, and it tend to have a long paragraph and the lenght of each paragraph match to all of the other paragraph. The mean girls tend to have different lenght of paragraph like a long paragraph, then one sentence paragraph, it really doesn't look good when i read the mean girls essay.

The mean girls essay don't really explain a lot about her feel, all she says is bawling, bawling without showing how she really feel. She could had show her feeling more so people can know how it must to feel like that.

The other essay shows how the boy felt about the teacher and had to work more harder to earn good grade. This essay showed a lot of details about what is going on and how he felt about his class. He got a personality growth, which cause himself to be more understanding for analying term and be more open mind about writing/reading things.

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September 15, 2005

(The School Days of an Indian Girl) What exterior forces people or things had the most influence?

The school itself is the most influcence on the students because they forced students to do their way, the way they should look like, and they must to follow formal rules. There are none of the other influence on the children at the Indian school, just the school itself that force them. I read in the story that one of the girls did tired to hide from the person who is trying to cut her hair. She was sobbing and didn't want her hair to be cut. She didn't have a choice, the school make all of the choices for the children at there. How sad is that when you don't have a choice and someone tell you to do everything by their rules.

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What did I like/dislike about this?

I totally dislike the part when girls was forced to go to that school for all Indian and got to follow everything, even the size of their hair. That's very sad that a person can't make a choice and have to listen/follow the rules when a person are feeling very uncomfortable. A school is a place where everyone should feel comfortable, and peaceful. I think that it is unhealthy for me to be at a place where I won't be comfortable and the place that I have to go to everyday. Of course, there are some rules that people need to follow but not the rules that control people's personality or life like cut their hair from long to short. That's sad part of the story, and a lot of people should be glad that they are not in those girl's shoe.

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What personal traits were most influential in this person's education?

There's a school that Indian girls are forced to go. I really don't think there are any personal traits that were influential at all because how can you want to learn if you are being forced to go to that school and follow all of the things that you don't want to. Like for example, any Indian girls are required to get their hair cut to short from a long hair to make themselves look more formal. A school should be a place where anyone could be at comfortable at, like wear a hat during the class might make you feel like you really want to learn or wear pajama to make yourself learn better that way. But, those girls don't have any choice to make, and have to follow everything what the school rules are.

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September 13, 2005

In fact, the only wat I can get anything written at all is to wrtie really, really shitty first drafts.

The reason that I choose this sentence is I thought it was funny that the first draft was really, really shitty. It's always start out a roughly essay into a beautiful essay that you make your best effort on it. That's always what happen from the pre-writing essay to a final draft essay. Sometime, your mind is so limited, and you have a hard time to write a essay at the beginning, it usually a shitty essay. After that, your mind starting to open up and your essay is becoming a well-written and beautiful essay. That's how I always stuck in the beginning for writing a essay and have nothing on my mind, i need to think really hard before I start writing a essay.

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September 6, 2005

At what point did I decide to go to college? Who do I think was most responsible for the decision?

I decided to go to college because i want to have a sucessful future for myself. I was planning to go tech. college before i go to one of the big college, but i decided to start out at U of M. I think i was the most responsible for the decision, my dad suggest me to start at a 4 year college not 2 year so i took his suggest. I wish everyone who go to U of M and myself good luck at U of M.

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How would I evaluate the education I received?

I would say that how would I evaluate the education I received would be around a little higher than avg. but my school math dept. always had been poor till they got a better teacher for my senior year. I think rest of the class is great and a lot of the students learn a lot from the teachers at my school. Most of students from my school is poor at english because of english is our second language. Our teacher always tired their hard to teach us better grammar, and we improving our grammar kinda slowly. I think that my school is not too bad, many of deaf students would love to attending at MN State School for the Deaf.

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Who was the best and worst teacher I've so far?

My best teacher was consumer ecomomy teacher at my school when i was in my senior year. He taught me a lot stuff about real life that i need to know before i get into the real world. It's a cool class, and I had learned a lot from that class. My worst teacher was english teacher when i was in my soph. year at my school. I hadn't learn anything from her at all that year and i failed my bst write test. During my 11th grade year, i got better teacher and got 3.5 on my bst write test cuz i learned a lot from her during that year.

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What did I like the most and least about my time in high school?

What did i like the most in high school was i get to stay at dorm and hang out with friends and feel what it like to have a dorm life. It was pretty cool, and friends and i always get in trouble at dorm. It was very funny when I made the dorm black out and anyone couldn't see in the building. What did i like the least in high school was when my stuff was stole from my dorm room, it was uncool of any people to do that. I was so mad when that happen, but i have to move on and be more smart next time like check twice to make sure your door is locked, etc.

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Describe the neighorhood where I grew up and went to school.

I born in and grew up in Minneapolis all of my life, it's pretty a big city. I went to Anne Sullivan from K to 8th grade, I stayed at a same school for pretty long. After that, I went to St. Louis Park High School and stayed there for my freshman year. I didn't like that school because I was kindly lonely at there and didn't like the staff at there. I decided to go to MN State School for the Deaf in faribault and I love that school. I feel comfortable and very easily to communication with all of my friends that go to there. Then, I met my girlfriend from my school and had been together for 2 years now. I graduated there, any deaf teenager school go to MN State School for the Deaf because that where they will feel comfortbale at.

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