November 29, 2005

Respone back to Lincoln Students

I stay at my mom's house for thanksgiving and around 10 people was at my mom's house. I enjoyed it, did you enjoy your thanksgiving. Yes, I love to play video games, I have playstation 2 and xbox, and two of my favorite games is grand theft auto: San Andreas for PS 2 and Madden 2006 for xbox. Had you met any deaf and what do you think of them? What's your favorite video games and what do you want to be someday, I want to be a game design or computer programmer someday. Why do you hate your classes, at least it makes you smart if you try hard and lead yourself into a higher education future like going to college and get a great job/future. Any more questions that you would like to ask?

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November 15, 2005

Other Comments for Lincoln Student

I sucks at art, too, and I always struggle drawing a picture that looks good. Are any of your new classes esay or hard so far? Which class that you are taking that you like the most, and do you get to decide which classes to take. I can decide most of the classes myself, but there are some required classes that I need to take to graduate from my major. Most of the classes I am taking at college is for my major and related to what job i want for my future. It's nice to decide what class that I want to take which those classes is the class that I like to take and have a job that i enjoy.

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November 8, 2005

Comments for Lincoln Students

Hi Jim, that's good that you are focusing in school right now to get yourself a good grade and a good future for yourself. I work on my homework most of the time during the halloween evening and handle out some of the candy to little kids who go on a trick or treat. The important thing that you got to do in school is to finish all homework on time and focus on your schoolwork, and have some fun with your friends (soical), too. I can't have a girl roommate on the campus dorm, but i can if i live off campus. Most of the dorm are huge!!!!

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November 1, 2005

One more question for Lincoln Students

What is the most important thing to you right now in your life that you want to do for your future? Like go college, gradute from high school, get good job, play in any kinds of pro football, basketball, baseball or whatever that you think that is important for you to success in your life and your future.

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Two Things in college life Lincoln Students might find interest.

What is cool about college is I gets to decide to show up for the class or not and i gets to eat anytime i want to. If i don't want to show up for class, it's my money and grade. I show up for class most of the times so I could get good grades and graduate from college instead of failing all of the classes. Showing up for a college class is all up to you.

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Respond to the Lincoln Students

Hi, I am 18 years old young man, not a girl. What you was asking if i have boyfriend, no i don't because i have a girlfriend, haha. I think i am a good students because I had been getting good grades in all of the classes at u of m. The three things that I would like people to know me is I like to do stuff on computers, I want to becoming a computer programmer some day, and I love to play casnio game called blackjack.

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