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January 26, 2006

Research Challenge Focus Discussions

For the research challenge (group or individual) please summarize 'the summaries' and address the seed question for the research challenge you identified. (Altoghether less then 500 words)

The research challenges people discussed are:

Data Mining
Space and Space/Time...
GIS and Society
Distributed GIS
Emergency analysis...

Include links in your posting and be sure to identify the topic and names of the people iin the first lines.
Please email me ( if you have any questions!

January 17, 2006

Exercise 1

GIScience encompasses several main research themes. Starting from the 2002 Research Topics this exercise requires you to determine what are the main questions of one particular research challenges and to assess how these questions have been addressed in the mean time. We will determine your research challenge in class.

Start out by selecting a research challenge from the list at

In around 100 words summarize the main questions. Add a discussion of research activities and how they have addressed research questions since 2002. This discussion should be at least 200 words long (a total of 300 words). Make sure to include references with web links whenever applicable.

Please post your summary and discussion to the course blog and send me an email.

Answers are due by 12:00 PM on Tuesday 24Jan.