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5 Steps of Vector Overlay

For review, here are the five steps of vector overlay:

1. Prepare Monotonic Segments
2. Detect Intersections
3. Cluster Intersections
4. Write New Chains
5. Write New Polygons

We'll go back over this on Thursday.


Hi all-

I got a 13 out of 13 on Example two, but it did take me three tries. Once during class, and twice at home. Most of my issues arose with the introduction of include vs. exclude. I understand intersection vs. union much more clearly. However, this lab made the reading discussions of half lines and segment intersections easy for me to understand.

Sorry, I meant Exercise 2, not example 2.

Has anybody else not been able to get the website for Ex. 2 to work on a university computer? I'm thinking maybe its because were not allowed to install programs, ie Shockwave, on these machines (Blegen 410)

Yes, I had to go home & install it (over dial up Yuck!) because I could not do it in the lab.

Scored a 12 out of 13, missed the first question, doh...

A comment on the Boolean Logic questions (Q7-Q10). I found it easier to translate the text of the output criteria into the Boolean statement rather than try to convert the graphs into the Boolean statement. It became most clear when I used both the text and the graph. I'd be interested to know what worked for others.

Ed's Results:

I scored 11 of 13. I missed the line in poly (#5) and somehow #10 (overlay question). It is a nice and concise, yet clear explanation of some very fundimental GIS operations. I believe it is a good teaching tool.

Are you sure 66048 of this?!?

Are you sure 66048 of this?!?