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PPGIS websites

Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System
Electronic forum on participatory use of geo-spatial information systems and technologies
Public Participation GIS
URISA PPGIS sponsored activities


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is anybody else having trouble accessing the article for option 2 on exercise 4...also, i'm not able to create a new post on this blog, hence why i'm commenting here..where nobobdy will probably read it. but what the hey...

Mea culpa
The fgdc reorganized the web site, so the paths to things have changed. It's now at:

It doesn't seem to be possible for you to create entries, although that's enabled. For now, you can just have to post a comment.

A note on decorum: there is an entry on exercises, where the question about the exercise should be posted.

Temporary Student Intern
Ramsey County Public Works Department

Anticipated Duration: 6 months (May thru October 2006)

Work Schedule: Monday - Friday, 8 - 4:30 (40 hrs/wk)

Hourly Wage: $12.87

Scope of Work: Perform spatial adjustments on Ramsey County parcel data Using ArcGIS 9.1
ArcInfo Desktop and ArcSDE spatial database.

Project Background: The City of St Paul Water Department and the Ramsey County Public Works
Department are working on a joint project to perform spatial adjustments. The Ramsey County GIS
parcel database will be adjusted to existing higher precision within the City of St Paul.

To Apply:
Interested persons must submit a resume to David D. Claypool
at the Ramsey County Public Works Department 1425 Paul Kirkwold Dr., Arden Hills, MN 55112 or
Email david.claypool@co.ramsey.mn.us or Fax: 651-266-7180.

Questions should be submitted to: David D. Claypool @

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