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Transportation Access and GIS

This entry is for the group project working on Transportantion Access and GIS.


Here is what I came up with. Feel free to add/subtract/ignore. I will monitor the blog throughout the day for updates and bring this to class on a flash drive if we need it.

How can access and usability of public transportation networks be improved by using GIS?

The group will explore the ways in which GIS can be used to improve the access and use of public transportation systems. Topics will include the following:

• How real time monitoring and communication of the status of transportation networks can be used to improve usability.
• A case study of the accessibility of an existing network.
• Methods of communicating network information to the user.
• How GIS can be used to design a network to get users to a specific location, i.e. a hospital.

I think that is a great idea. I've actually been doing a little field work, I rode the bus (the 6) along its entire route from Edina up to the U of M and was trying to get a picture of what types of processes and means could be used to relay important data to the enduser of the metro bus line. Downtown, little kiosks might be cost effective, but placing one at every bus-stop might be cost ineffective, unless maybe solar powered, and/or fed data via municipal wireless internet. Still I think the cell phone is the way to go for data of this nature. The question is, how do you include those segments of society that cannot access or afford a cellphone with that kind of capability...

I had Reserve Army duty this most recent weekend, and was paying particular attention to the AVL systems we have installed on various Humvee's to track their movements in the theater. I could talk for pages about the intracacies (sp?) of the design, the pitfalls and the benefits (having also spent a year with the actual system in Iraq) and how this system can help the individual civilian transportation situation.

Here is an excellent document on busview:


There are more general docs at http://www.its.washington.edu/pubs/
some are specific to busview.

I like the document on the busview project. Perhaps we can focus on two specific applications of the King Couty ITS...busview and mybus (http://www.mybus.org). Busview is a way for people to see where all of the city buses are in realtime. Mybus is a predictive model that tells people when a bus will be at a certain location.

I can think of 4 different areas of concentration for this topic as all of the detailed research and information is available:

1) Data collection and storage process of traffic data (ie. traffic sensors)

2) Explanation of busview java applet

3) MyBus Network prediction algorithms and processes

4) Distribution of MyBus Network information (WAP, cellphone, website, etc)

Any thoughts?

David, I think you have a lot of good ideas. I'll combine this with what we had before and Dr. Harvey's suggestions for our updated project statement. If anyone has anything else, we can put them together in class.

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