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After our discussion about client/server web GIS, this OGC site offers some insights into the next round of developments, referred to as web services:



Fifth Community GIS Expo

Monday June 5, 2006, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Continuing Education and Conference Center

University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus

The Fifth Community GIS Exposition is intended for everyone interested in community applications of geographic information systems (GIS) technology, including community development professionals, community planners, neighborhood leaders and organizers, county GIS specialists, land-use planning consultants, faculty members, and students.

Exploring the theme “The Future of Community GIS: Challenges and Opportunities of Moving to the Web,? the day-long expo will build collaboration among GIS users in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and advance a comprehensive GIS agenda for the region.

Highlights of this year’s exposition will include:

. a keynote address by Josh Kirschenbaum, associate director of planning and development for PolicyLink

. a panel discussion on GIS for public use titled “Challenges and Opportunities of Moving to the Web?

. a showcase session for Minnesota 3D (M3D), a web-based GIS program

. poster sessions highlighting local and regional GIS projects

. hands-on workshops

A call for posters will follow

Visit www.cura.umn.edu/GISExpo2006.php for more details

Jeff Corn

Community Program Coordinator

Center for Urban and Regional Affairs