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Nature Conservancy Summer Internship

We have a paid summer internship for a diversity GIS student doing
preserve designs in MN. Given MN's recent passage of the largest
statewide conservation referendum in US History, this is a fabulous
opportunity for someone to gain some practical conservation experience
at the beginning of this 25 year initiative. This is exactly the type
of internship I had when I got out of Grad School that launched me with

Would appreciate you forwarding this to any students that might be
interested or other professors you know that might have interested

Minneapolis, MN
The Nature Conservancy is the world's leading conservation
organization, working in all 50 states and more than 33 countries.
Founded in 1951, the mission of The Nature Conservancy is to preserve
the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity
of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to
The Nature Conservancy is entering its fourth year of offering
internships intended to increase the diversity of our staff. Our 2010
Summer Diversity Internship program seeks to enrich and diversify the
field of conservation through paid internship opportunities to students
currently underrepresented in the conservation field. The internships
offered cover a wide range of fields and are available in locations
throughout the U.S. and will begin June 7, 2010.
The 10 week internship will result in the update of 4-6 site
designs, with an emphasis on prairie sites. The essential steps are as
follows: 1) review existing manual files, including old site design files and
TNC's Conservation Action Plan for the site which identifies the site's
conservation targets, threats to those targets, and strategies to abate
those threats; 2) analyze those designs in the context of more recent GIS data
including areas of biodiversity significance and aerial photography; 3) tour the site with TNC preserve managers to get a greater
understanding of the area; 4) interview TNC preserve managers (and potentially partner
organizations and agencies) on threats and opportunities; 5) update any missing parcel data for key parcels; 6) use all the information to produce draft maps of the "desired future
preserve design" for high priority sites; 7) work with Director of Habitat Protection to schedule meetings with
relevant staff and partners to review draft updated preserve designs; 8) make necessary revisions.
The end product for each preserve will be a map with areas outlined for
proposed TNC acquisition, TNC conservation easement, and/or partner
conservation. These preserve designs will be used to help focus
proactive outreach to landowners to facilitate future conservation
transactions. Companion products may also include databases of
priority landowners ready for mail-merge letters and/or brief write-ups
(1-5 pages) about the site explaining the preserve design rationale and
key issues for consideration during implementation.
* 3+ years education in conservation biology, natural resource
management, geography, planning or related field. * Experience doing research and analyzing data required. * Experience in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) required. * Experience looking at data from different sources and applying that
information to a map.
The State of Minnesota will spend $70 -100 million per year over
the next 25 years on habitat conservation. The MN chapter of TNC needs
to be prepared to submit proposals to utilize these funds for protection
of high biodiversity sites. To help position the Chapter to be able to
leverage these funding sources, we need to update many of our nature
preserve designs. The Preserve Design intern will help us update the preserve designs to
highlight areas of conservation significance and identify those
properties that should be protected in the future. Many of our existing
preserve designs are outdated and do not take full advantage of the
extensive GIS information that is available. Many also do not reflect
recent changes that have occurred on the landscape. Most of the work
will be done in the Minneapolis office, and the intern will travel to
see a few of preserves in Greater MN.
REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: Three + years education in conservation biology, natural resource
management, geography, planning, or related field. Bachelor's degree
preferred, but not required. Good analytical skills and research
experience required. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) skills
required including basic map design and data analysis tools. Experience
looking at data from different sources and applying that information to
a map.
COMMUNICATIONS/INTERPERSONAL CONTACTS: * Ability to interact with general public and convey basic information
about The Nature Conservancy. * Demonstrated experience working compatibly with other people. * Ability to function productively as a member a work team.
The Nature Conservancy offers competitive compensation,
excellent benefits, flexible work policies and a collaborative work
environment. We also provide professional development opportunities and
promote from within. As a result, you will find a culture that supports
and inspires conservation achievement and personal development, both
within the workplace and beyond.
Undergraduate: $10/hour Graduate: Beginning at $12/hour
To apply to position number 11455, submit resume AND cover
letter as one document, including at least 3 references. All
applications must be submitted in the system prior to midnight Eastern
Time on November 13, 2009.
Failure to complete all of the required fields may result in your
application being disqualified from consideration. The information
entered in the education and work experience sections are auto screened
by the system based on the basic qualifications of the position.
You must click submit to apply for the position. Click save if you want
to be able to return to your application and submit it later. Once
submitted, applications cannot be revised or edited.
The Nature Conservancy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Michael Pressman
Director of Habitat Protection - MN, ND, SD

(612) 331-0706 (Phone) (612) 308-6172 (Mobile) (612) 331-0770 (Fax)

The Nature Conservancy
MN Field Office

1101 West River Parkway, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1291