September 22, 2009

GIS Minor Requirements

While this isn't directly MGIS related, it may be for a number of students at the Master's and PhD levels who are also taking GIS courses and would like to receive a minor. As the note from the graduate school suggests, Master's students need 9 credits and PhD students need 12 credits from the approved list of courses:

A master's minor in GIS requires 9 credits of relevant coursework, the Graduate School requires that all PhD minors require a minimum of 12 credits (see page 21 of the catalog at Students declaring a formal minor field must have a minor field examiner on their examining committee. More information on examining committee requirements can be found at In addition, please be aware that PhD minors must be declared PRIOR to taking the preliminary oral examination. If you already have a PhD Degree Program on file, you can declare a minor by simply submitting a petition form (available at The Petition should make the request to add the minor, name your minor field examiner, and list your minor field coursework (totaling a minimum of 12 credits).