November 25, 2008

Professional Travel Funds Available

Professional students in UMN professional degree programs can apply for support to attend professional development opportunities.

This year we [GAPSA] created the Professional Travel Grant to complement our already existing (and extremely popular) Scholarly Travel Grant. As opposed to providing financial support to Graduate students to attend conferences to present their research, as the Scholarly Travel Grant does, the Professional Travel Grant was created to provide financial support to Professional students so that they may attend opportunities that will give them valuable development in their careers.

Please find additional information below. If you could help us get the word out to your students, we (and they!) would greatly appreciate it!

More information is below and any questions that students or you may have about this wonderful opportunity are always welcomed.

Thank you again!!!

Kevin Wendt
Vice President for Grants
Graduate and Professional Student Assembly


GAPSA Professional Travel Grant

Statement of Purpose:

GAPSA Travel Grants are intended to help support necessary professional or academic travel for current professional students of the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and Duluth campuses. Eligible travel expenses include airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and conference/meeting registration fee. Ground transportation and lodging within the Twin Cities Metro area and alcohol are not eligible expenses.


The GAPSA Professional Travel Grants are available only to current Professional students of the University of Minnesota who pay the “Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) Student Services Fee.� You must provide proof of payment of this fee (a print-out of the University account statement will suffice). Grants are intended to offer partial support of travel for an individual. Qualified applicant will receive this grant only once during their degree program at University of Minnesota.

Applications for grants must be submitted *electronically* to . To minimize possible problems, please use the U's Webmail program when sending attachments. See the GAPSA Grants Deadlines .

Travel Grants Application Procedures

* Submit the following four items:
1. A completed Professional Travel Grant Application form
(submitted electronically as a .doc file NOT a .docx file).
The essay portion of the application will be evaluated on
the following points:
o Why the applicant needs to attend a particular conference.
o How attending this conference will benefit the applicant.
o How the applicant attending the conference will help
other GAPSA members.
o Short-term and long-term benefits of attending the
o In the applicant's opinion, what does professional
development mean and how this conference will help
with professional development?
o How will they acknowledge GAPSA award?
o How attending the conference enhances the overall
academic experience at the University of Minnesota.
2. A completed and signed Faculty Adviser Consent Form
This may be submitted in person, by mail, by fax or
electronically (the form sent from your adviser's University
email address can serve as an electronic signature.)
3. Your professional Resume.
4. Proof of payment of the GAPSA fee. This must be proven by
submitting a copy of your student account detailing charges
and credits for the semester in which you are applying. In
most cases, ALL tuition and fees need to be paid in full in
order for us to consider your GAPSA fee as paid.