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This community blog is intended to become a resource for organizing U-Spatial cores and nodes. Until other mechanisms for sharing information are in place, it will also serve as the primary source of information about U-Spatial activities, including general information about meetings and updates. If you have a UMN x500 id you should be able to post comments to entries. If you run into problems, please let me (Francis Harvey, know.

In this entry you will find a summary of relevant points from the U-Spatial kick-off meeting held on 9/16/11. Further background to the OVPR and multiple unit support of U-Spatial can be found at the website

Cores and Nodes
U-Spatial has an architecture based on cores and nodes. Cores are thematic research clusters. There are four:

  1. Central
  2. Analyis
  3. Data
  4. Imaging

Nodes are physical places where U-Spatial related research activities occur. At present there are 7:

  • Borchert Library
  • College of Forestry and Natural Sciences Remote Sensing and Geographic Analysis Lab
  • Computer Science and Engineering Spatial Lab
  • Humphry Center/CURA
  • Institute on the Environment
  • Minnesota Population Center/CLA-Geography
  • Rapson GeoDesign

The list will evolve over time as the build-out of U-Spatial moves forward. Right now all nodes are in the process of creating basic research support for U-Spatial activities.

Meetings with each core and node in October and November will discuss more specifics about getting research activities up to speed and related issues.

Planned nodal activities (see proposal for full list)
Core - creating help desk, training, archiving
Analysis - spatial modeling, collaborative decision making, connections to community
Data - archiving and discovery of geographic information, work with dat producers
Imaging - processing of satellite imagery, connection to data core

The bigger issues for U-Spatial are in the proposal, activities and discussion will refine the issues and define activities.

At the kick-off meeting issues for the organization of mini-grants were also discussed. Support for students in professional and research programs is desired. This belongs to issues for the U-Spatial advisory board.

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  • The correct name for the second node is: College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences and the lab's name is: Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Laboratory

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