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Robbinsdale School District receives P.E. grant

It appears that the Robbinsdale School District is concerned enough about the general physical health ; or lack thereof, to institute a new physical education system in its school district. The district received a grant of $314,500 from the Carol M. White Physical Education Program, who also granted funds to one other school district in MN, Worthington and about 150 organizations worldwide. The Robbinsdale Are School website states that only 5% of school district applying were approved for the grant.
The funding for Robbinsdale will result in new physical fitness equipment, a program where students can develop individual fitness programs. Also being implemented are Dance Dance Revolution machines, which is a popular electronic game that requires participants to be very active, dancing faster and faster as the levels increase. Odds are that students will have to be put on a waitlist for this particular machine.

It is good that that the School is still allowing there to be "fun" exercises, like the Dance machine, but district swim instructor Kerry Evans says it is more important to engage in conversations with students about the state of physical health. "We've told them this is the first generation of kids where you and I could outlive them if things stay like they are," Evans said. "We're very honest here, but we work it into our activities."

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